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Frequently-Asked Questions about the Redevelopment

1. Why is the Ladrey building being redeveloped?

As their, commissioned several studies to evaluate the feasibility of bringing the existing building up to code, modernizing the building’s systems, and renovating the units and amenities to best serve ARHA’s residents. These studies found that the existing building would be too costly to bring up to code and modernize, and that a complete redevelopment would be more cost effective and create better living spaces for residents. The studies also found that the existing building’s 8-foot ceilings, narrow corridors, and shallow unit dimensions were not meeting the needs of modern residents.

2. Who is leading the redevelopment?

In November 2021, the ARHA issued a request for proposals (RFP) to a pre-selected shortlist of developers. In the summer of 2022, WinnCompanies and IBF Development were selected as the winning partners.

WinnDevelopment, the development arm of WinnCompanies, has earned a national reputation for excellence in acquiring, developing, and/or rehabilitating affordable and mixed-income apartment communities. The company’s reputation for quality and stability has made it a reliable and trustworthy development partner in turbulent economic times. In its 50-year history, WinnDevelopment has never missed a mortgage, tax, or loan payment. It has successfully navigated numerous real estate and rental cycles, including six recessions, partnering with local, state, and federal agencies and governments to plan, finance, and build and/or rehabilitate nearly 25,000 units of affordable and mixed-income housing in almost every state in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

Winn is excited to partner with IBF Development, a certified minority-owned business (MBE) led by President and Founder Rob Richardson. Mr. Richardson founded IBF Development to drive change and position the Washington, DC metro area as a leader in the fight against income inequality by creating economic opportunities through multifamily and commercial real estate development and investment. Mr. Richardson has over 25 years of experience, having secured more than $150 million in project financing and is responsible for the preservation and redevelopment of over 3,000 units of housing. Our combined development team is highly experienced with the complex and diverse forms of financing needed to advance public goals.

We are confident that WinnCompanies and IBF Development are the ideal partners to deliver on the ARHA’s vision for this important project. We look forward to working with the ARHA, the community, and other stakeholders to create a vibrant and sustainable development that will provide much-needed affordable housing for the Washington, DC metro area.

3.What is planned for the Ladrey building site?

WinnDevelopment and IBF Development, in partnership with ARHA, will develop a 100% affordable, 270-unit senior building at the current site of Ladrey Senior Hi-Rise and the ARHA Administrative Building. The development team has hosted numerous meetings and charettes with the current residents of Ladrey to discuss the proposed redevelopment and refine its vision of the residents’ needs.

The plan calls for demolishing the current 11-story, 170-unit high-rise building and adjacent two-story vacant office building and constructing a new seven-story mid-rise building that will provide higher-quality affordable housing for the existing 170 senior/disabled households. The new building will also include an additional 100 units for seniors in the City of Alexandria. All units will be affordable, with some set aside for households at 30%, 60%, and 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI). The goal of the redevelopment is to better serve the needs of the current Ladrey apartment residents and to manage and operate affordable housing in the City of Alexandria in the long term.

4. What are some building and unit amenities?

The new building will feature three elevators, ground-level and rooftop community amenity spaces, trash chutes on each floor, underground parking, a mail/package room, and sustainable landscaping. Unlike the current Ladrey building, which offers only studios and one-bedroom apartments, the new Ladrey Apartments will include one-bedroom and two-bedroom units with more square footage than the existing units. Additionally, all units will have modern and energy-efficient appliances, such as in-unit washers and dryers. The main entrance on Wythe Street will have three on-street spaces set aside for drop-offs/pickups and emergency vehicles.

5. What are some of the sustainable design and features in the new building?

Our project will pursue certification for the following: -DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes (ZERH) -National Green Building Standard (NGBS) Emerald Status -Energy Star

Some of the sustainable design features in the new building will be: -An all-electric building (no gas or oil) -Energy efficient appliances and light fixtures -Water efficiency fixtures -A green roof These features will help to reduce the building's environmental impact and save energy costs.

6. How much parking will be provided in the redevelopment?

The Ladrey redevelopment will include an underground parking garage with 118 spaces, almost double the current 60 surface spaces. The low utilization rate of the current parking spaces indicates that there is a surplus of parking. The new garage will increase the parking space-to-unit ratio, and we expect that there will continue to be a surplus of parking. The garage will also have 107 bicycle parking spaces and several charging stations for electric vehicles.

A transportation study was conducted for the project, which documented that the area is surrounded by an extensive local transportation network that provides efficient transportation options via public transit, bicycle, or walking. The amount of on-site parking provided is ample for the proposed redevelopment.

7. What kind of landscaping will be provided in the redevelopment?

The proposed redevelopment will result in a net increase in the number of trees on the site. The landscape plan calls for 87 urban trees, over 700 shrubs, and over 600 perennials. The total canopy cover from the proposed trees will be 15,000 square feet, or 26.5% of the site. The project will also include one inner courtyard for residents, two parks for the neighborhood (one pocket park on N. Fairfax St. and one corner park at N. Fairfax St. and Wythe St.), and two rows of trees along N. Fairfax St. and Wythe St. between the building and the street.

8. When the Ladrey building is being redeveloped, will the current resident have to move?

The planned redevelopment of Ladrey will involve the demolition of the existing building site and the construction of new units on that land parcel and an adjacent parcel. As a result, all current Ladrey residents will be temporarily relocated at the developer's expense during the construction period. We do not expect relocation to take place until late 2024 or later.

9. Do the current resident have a right to return to the new building?

All Ladrey residents in good standing with their leases are guaranteed the right to occupy a new construction unit at the redeveloped site.

10. How will demolition of the existing buildings be carried out to minimize impacts on nearby residents?

Demolition and abatement are critical front-end construction activities that require careful planning and execution to ensure the safe removal of an existing building with minimal disruption to the surrounding area. Abatement involves the safe removal of hazardous materials prior to demolition, which requires containment of the work area and efficient removal of these materials. In urban infill settings, there are often many other factors surrounding construction activities, and it is essential for the General Contractor (GC) to coordinate these activities to minimize disruption.

The demolition work and timing will be carefully planned to keep the community and pedestrians safe. Typical measures include fencing and windscreen around the perimeter of the project site, windscreen to contain all materials, debris, and dust, and controlled access for trucking and tradespeople. Well-lit overhead protection on adjacent sidewalks will be utilized to ensure pedestrians can safely maneuver through the neighborhood.

The GC will create a plan with the ownership team to attend community meetings and answer questions to keep the neighborhood informed of the project's progress. Together, Winn, IBF, AHRA, and the GC will review the maintenance of traffic and pedestrian measures to avoid surprises when these measures are implemented.

11. When do you anticipate construction will start and finish?

We anticipate the commencement of construction in the third quarter of 2025 and the completion of the building in 2028.

12. What will happen next? How can I get involved?

The project is currently undergoing the entitlement process and incorporating community and city feedback into its plans. The entitlement, financing, relocation, demolition, and construction process is a multi-year process. Please refer to the Timeline for upcoming events and milestones. We invite you to subscribe for email updates and add your feedback or ask questions in our Feedback section.